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Hosted Fishing in British Columbia, Canada

Exclusive Escorted Salmon Fishing Trips to Canada BC

British Columbia, Canada, has some of the most phenomenal and exciting sport fishing opportunities the world has to offer. Every year the salmon runs, number in the 10's of millions. The sturgeon fishing is world class, and if that's not enough, they also have a fantastic steelhead and trout fishing. Simply speaking, British Columbia and it rivers produce an awesome year-round fishery that's tough to beat. Combine this great fishery with spectacular scenery wildlife and tips and help from a qualified Hardy Academy Instructor, and you have the opportunity to experience the trip of a lifetime! Fishing in British Columbia, Canada is nothing short of world class. Whether you are a die-hard or an occasional fisherman, we will spoil you with excellent fishing.

Fishing Trip October 2011

Sturgeon & Salmon - British Columbia - Fraser River -

The mighty Fraser River constitutes the back-bone of one of the world’s great salmon-yielding systems, comprising countless tributaries that have been spawning sites since time unknown. Amid breathtaking scenic beauty you’ll find yourself fishing the region’s local rivers - the Fraser, the Chilliwack, the Vedder, the Harrison and the Chehalis - for Chinook, chum, Coho, pink (running every other year, including 2011) and sockeye salmon plus steelhead, trout and the massive sturgeon (the latter being catch/tag and release only).

There are few places left where you can genuinely be surrounded by superb fishing and stunning scenery. The legendary Fraser River system, which to this day remains un-dammed throughout its 850 mile course, ranks as one of the world’s last great salmon producing rivers and still has no rival in its migratory salmon runs. There is no doubt about it sturgeon of all sizes are exciting - most adversaries leap upon feeling cold steel and 60-180lb. specimens are everyday catches on the Fraser and Harrison Rivers.

Normal Itinerary

This Year we are offering a deluxe trip with all meals but dinner.

5 days guided fishing, 8 night’s accommodations, 10 day trip, Airport Transfers.

Lunches for your fishing days,

Return flights from UK/Ireland

Accommodation Breakfast at hotel.

5 x 8hr day jet boat guided fishing

Shuttle to and from fishing

Rest day or fish the Vedder River

Any tuition needed


Fully qualified instructor

Local knowledge of the area and river.

discount on all tackle for your trip bought at

Flyfishing guides on all boats

Meeting like minded anglers

Breakfast at hotel. & Lunches for your fishing days, most trip dont do this and charge .

Best Hotel in Area .


Your angling adventures can also include

Improve on your fly casting techniques
Double Hand Traditional Spey and Skagit casting techniques
Single Hand Casting techniques
Tackle talk, the basics required
Learn how to tie fly leaders and attach flies
Importance of fly selection
Top Salmon fishing & Sturgeon fishing
Top Class Salmon Fishing With Top Class Guides, Hosted By A Top Instructor.

The fishing is spectacular. The thunderous roar of the mighty rivers fills your ears, as you gaze up towards the sky you are greeted with breathtaking mountain views and towering formations of chiseled rock. Known as! The Great Outdoors!
Located just 1 hour east of Vancouver offering visitors a liberating and exhilarating experience.

Stevie Munn is a proud member of the Hardy Greys Academy, and The Game Angling Instructors Associations which comprise of instructors from around the UK and Ireland, who actively promote the best instruction service for anglers wanting to improve their technique. Stevie has been teaching game angling for many years and are devoted to fly angling at its best.

If you need more information on what you will need to bring please email

"I can't say enough. the best fishing trips I have ever had. I can't thank you enough."

Robert Hayes

We use Registered Top Canadian Guides in compliance with Canadian Law

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